Everything You Need to Know to Post on Patch

Getting Started
Schools, local governments, park districts, clubs, sports teams and individuals with something to say post on Patch every day. If you've never contributed to Patch, request a user account first. Visit our Support portal and follow directions to create your account. You'll be notified when your account is ready.
  • A note to users: Your request may take 24 to 48 hours to process.  
Patch University
After your account is created, sign in at contribute.patch.com and visit Patch University to learn how to post articles and how to promote your articles. (You can only see Patch University after you've signed in.)


Your First Lesson: How to Post on Patch

If you have a community item for any Patch, you can easily post. One login works for all Patches.

  • Sign in to your free account at Patch — http://contribute.patch.com

  • Click "+ Create Article" in the upper right corner of the page.

  • Your category is Bulletin Board.

  • Assign your community in the right corner of the page. Start typing the name of the community and it will appear; you must click the name to "assign it."

  • Enter your information and upload your photos. For best results, your photos should be under 2 MB in size and fewer than 3000 pixels wide.

  • Click "Publish" — Your article is automatically approved and will be posted on Patch! A few minutes may pass before your post will appear.

Here's a web browser tip: Please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari; our system doesn’t mesh well with Explorer.

Our Support Resource
You can find additional helpful information about Patch's new platform on our Support portal, including instructions for clearing your browser cache, signing up for emails, finding the user profile page that lists all of your published articles, uploading photos and more. 

This is where you can request a password reset.

If you experience other issues and can't find the answer on the Support page, you may email our team at support@patch.com. Your message will be answered in the order in which it was received.